3TF47 Contactor Direct Replacement Siemens World Series 3TF4722 110/120V

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3TF World Series Contactor
Nofuel aftermarket replacement contactors for Siemens"World Series"Motor Controls
Coils voltage:C2=24V、K6=120V、P6=240V、V0=480V、G2=110V、N2=220V M2=208V
voltage:0A=AC 、0X=AC 、1X=DC
Aux Block:01=1 NO 10=1NC 22=2 NO 2NC 44=4 NO 4NC
The world series 3TF Contactor is flexible to meet your applications, design suitable for interface with electronic circuits, complete wiring flexibility reduces design time, wiring time, and installed cost.
The arc quenching system allows larger cooler operation up to 1000V. FLA-required by today's high-efficiency motors with Long dependable life. Meet or exceed all worldwide standards.
◆ Up to 400HP
◆ IEC 60947 CE and RoHS
◆ Widely setting ranges Overload
◆ Products accepted in most
   countries around the world
◆ 2-year warranty
◆ Optional Accessories Include:
   Auxiliary contact blocks
   Easy replacement coils 

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