3RT1035-1AK61 AC Contactor 120V Fit for Siemens 3RT1035

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Sirius 3RT Contactors

Nofuel aftermarket replacement contactors for Siemens"Sirius "Motor Controls

Nofuel Part #

OEM Part no.

Coil Voltage

HP Ratings @230V

HP Ratings @460V

Amp Ratings @AC3

3RT1035 3RT1035 120 15 30 40
3RT1035-1AB01 3RT1035-1AC21 24 15 30 40
3RT1035-1AK61 3RT1035-1AK61 120 15 30 40
3RT1035-1AP61 3RT1035-1AP61 240 15 30 40
3RT1035-1AV61 3RT1035-1AV61 480 15 30 40

Nofuel Sirius motor starter contactors have high contact reliability, a narrow design, long life time, and

the ability to operate under extremeconditions. This flexibility ensures that Sirius 3RT Contactors are

suited for almost any application. A large array of easily installed with 100% same directly replacement

Siemens OEM 3RT Sirius contactors.

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