EH-80 Contactor 120V EH-80-30-22 apply to ABB EH Contactor EH-80 3P 2NO2NC 80A

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The EH series contactors are compact in structure, superior in materials, and are suitable to
be operated for an extended period in severe industrial circumstances and various complex
weather conditions. They have excellent performance, high controllable power, and powerful
making and breaking capacity.

    EH-Line Contactors
EH series is a 3 pole AC contactor while the EK series is a 4 pole contactor. Both are available to meet your needs. The EH is rated operational current 9~550 amp under AC-3 duty, with an
insulation voltage up to 660~1000V and suitable for a frequency of 50/60 Hz. It can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position. 
The EH contactor line has a large number of accessories available including auxiliary contacts, timers, and mechanical interlocking devices. EH coils are available in a wide range of operating voltages and are easily changed. 

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