1734-IB8S Allen Bradley Point Guard I/O Module

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  • Part Number: 1734-IB8S
  • Input Type: 3
  • Output Type: Current Sourcing
  • Inputs per Module: 8
  • Voltage, On-State Input: 11?30V, 3.5 mA DC
  • Voltage, Off-State Input, Max: 5V, 3.5 mA DC
  • Current, On-State Input, Min: 3.3 mA
  • Current, Off-State, Max: 1.3 mA
  • IEC 61131-2 (Input Type): Type 3
  • Reaction Time: <16.2 ms
  • Number of Sources (T0, T1M, T2, T3M): 4
  • Test Output Current (Each Output Point): 0.7 A Max
  • Aggregate Current of Test Outputs per Module: 2.8 A @ 40 C (104 F)
  • Pulse Width: 525 s
  • Pulse Period: 144 ms
  • Maximum Field Capacitance Limit That is Permitted per Test Output: 100 nF
  • Current, Max (When Used to Control Muting Lamp): 25 mA (to Avoid Fault When Used as a Muted Lamp Output)
  • Current, Min (When Used to Control Muting Lamp): 5 mA (at Which Fault Indication is Generated When Used as a Muted Lamp Output)

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