140M-C2E-B10 Allen Bradley Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

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  • Part Number: 140M-C2E-B10
  • Frame Size: Frame Size C
  • Circuit Breaker Type: Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
  • Supply Voltage: 480Y/277 VAC 50/60HZ
  • Maximum Available Fault Current: 5, kA
  • Breaking Capacity: Standard Breaking Capacity
  • Adj. Thermal Current Range (A): 0.63 - 1A
  • Coordination Type: Type 1, In case of a short-circuit, damage requiring the exchange, of components or the entire starter is permissible.
  • Application: Standard Magnetic Trip (Fixed at 13 x le), - Adjustable Overload Protection: Trip Class 10
  • Side Mount Shunt Trip and Undervoltage Release: None
  • Front Mount Auxiliary and Trip Contacts: None
  • Side Mount Auxiliary and Trip Contacts (TESTDESC): None

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