About the new color switching of TeSys series motor control and protection products

Schneider Electric motor control and protection products TeSys series products will be officially switched to a new dark gray color product on December 8, 2021

1. Refer to the table below for the product series involved:

Product Series Describe Switching time
TeSys GV2 Motor circuit breaker GV2ME**C full series
Motor circuit breaker GV2PM**C full series
TeSys D Contactor LC1D09~170**C all series
Control relay CAD**C full series
Thermal relay LRD**C full series
Accessories LADN**C
TeSys DS Contactor LC1DS full range
Accessories LADSN full range

2. Product appearance color change:

Product Series Former product New product
     TeSys GV2ME
     Motor protection circuit breaker
     TeSys GV2PM
     Motor protection circuit breaker
    TeSys D series contactor
    TeSys LRD
    Thermal overload relay
    TeSys CAD
    Control relay
    TeSys LADN
    Auxiliary contact

3. The QR code is added to the product, and the product information and installation guide can be quickly accessed by just using a smart phone.

4. Add UKCA mark to product label.

5. Uniform renewal of product packaging:

    • Product function identification: TeSys Power, TeSys Control, TeSys Protect;
    • Use 100% recyclable materials, original color cardboard packaging;
    • Scan the QR code to get the installation guide, reduce paper usage;

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